What Is Tinnitus?

by Christian Goodman on April 30, 2010 · weight loss

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I recently had a client, who complained of tinnitus, accompanied by vertigo (the feeling that either the room or objects in the room are spinning around you or that you are spinning when you are actually standing still).

It may be due to causes of persistent noise in the ear. It is not abnormality in health.

This can result from ear injury, infection, toxic chemicals, tumors, hearing loss (whether age related or being exposed to loud noises repeatedly over time) or even a circulatory disorder (such as hypertension, or high blood pressure).

People with this condition hear ringing, buzzing, whistling, sassing or chirping sounds which aren’t caused externally. This can be the only symptom but oftentimes, as with my client, hearing loss and/or sound sensitivity.

He had to work with the sound of planes and soon he recognized that he had a problem in hearing. Eventually he had the symptoms of deafness. My client was working as a baggage supervisor for airlines for over years.

He had problem of ear disease and it was unnoticed. Slowly after getting well he was able to find that his ears stopped hearing sound. He was so irritated as it occurred at irregular times, he neglected to look into it seriously. Once he was seriously attacked by vertigo he began to take measures.

His daughter was speaking to him and he noticed that the pitch of her voice caused his eyelids to “flutter” and eventually make him both dizzy and nauseated (common symptoms of tinnitus). While the attack only lasted a few seconds, he spent the next twelve hours in bed recuperating.

Thinking this was a one-time event, he summed it up to a “freak” incident. Less than a week later, however, his daughter was visiting and the exact same thing happened. At this point, he decided that this was becoming a pattern.

As he had problem listening to his daughter and due his fear to vertigo he came to doctors for help. He visited many doctors and they examined and said that he had tinnitus.

Unfortunately, the diagnosis, as difficult as it was to achieve, was much simpler than a cure. Often times, because tinnitus is caused by damage to the inner ear structures, the damage can be permanent.

It made his daughter feel bad when she came to know that her speech made her father ill. It is necessary to find a solution for this problem that makes my patient free from any disturbance while speaking to his daughter.

There are also reasons for the causes of rise in blood pressure and persistent noise in ear. He doesn’t need drugs to cure blood pressure in order to minimize the noise in the ear. After following High Blood Pressure Program he feels nice.

when he met me he came to know about my Dizziness and vertigo program. He then spoke to his daughter and has not felt any symptoms of vertigo. If you too start the program you can also get out of vertigo.


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