Negative Calorie Food: The Myths And Truths.

by Jacob Heinzel on February 3, 2010 · weight loss

in weight loss

Obese people are always struggling to keep their weight in check. For the most part they are caught up in various diets that torture them with the promise that they will get rid of excess weight. But even though these people try hard they don\’t exactly observe the effects they so desire. Fortunately for them a recent discovery is set to give them the liberty to still eat food and lose weight at the same time. Negative calorie food is food that has fat burning attributes. So instead of avoiding food completely you can lose weight whilst you\’re still eating.

You don\’t have to go far to get negative calorie food. A simple grapefruit is enough to fend off fat burning acids. Grapefruits are those fruits that look like oranges though they don\’t exactly taste like them. On top of this they contain essential vitamin C. Other foods that contain these calories are grapes; green beans; garlic; lemons; lettuce; oranges; tomatoes; watermelons; pumpkins; peaches and papaya. Incorporate these foods in your diet and you\’ll be well on your way to losing weight.

Knowing the way negative calories functions helps you to know what actually happens when you consume them. Grapefruits; lemons and naartjies have acid in them. It is this acidic component that is important when it comes to metabolism and the digestion of food. The breakdown of fats is quicker when there are sufficient acids in the system.

Negative calorie food also contains a lot of fibre content. When you consider cabbage; broccoli; cucumber and lettuce you will notice how these foods contain a lot of fibre. Fibre requires a lot of effort to digest and it is this activity that burns fat in your body. The fibre also makes you feel full up so you won\’t have that much of an appetite to indulge in a lot of eating.

When eating negative calorie foods you must remember one thing, eat them in their fresh and natural state. This means you shouldn\’t add anything to them, eat them like they are. Adding things like butter; salad dressing or salt can hamper the positive effects that they are capable of dispensing.

Supplement your negative calorie food diet with a sufficient balance. Be sure not to neglect other foodstuffs as you get caught up in a dieting craze. Incorporate proteins from meat and milk and also eat vitamins from sources apart from the ones that contain negative calories. A balanced diet is very important if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

And whilst these foods may not contain a lot of calories i wouldn\’t suggest that you stick to a diet like this. Calories are important and as much as you might want to avoid them it is healthy to eat calorie containing foods. Calories are crucial to the body\’s normal functions and without them your diet will be greatly unbalanced.

If you are eating negative calorie foods so as to lose weight you have to be careful. The myth that negative calories alone are all you need to lose weight is overstated. You will have to supplement your negative calorie diet with exercise if you want the best results possible. When you eat these foods I suggest that you jog or go to the gym.

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