MonaVie-How Long Does It Last For?

by ANDRIS LEE on July 9, 2009 · weight loss

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People in their millions are extremely enthusiastic about MonaVie, a new and exciting juice product on the market that blends together the extracts of nineteen very nutritious and healthy fruits, one of which is the powerful acai berry we are hearing more and more about just lately. The juice is delicious to taste and the amazing number of antioxidants and phytonutrients it contains work well to provide every cell of the body with the necessary properties we need as far as rejuvenation and healing are concerned. Serving as a potent protection for our bodies and our immune systems, MonaVie can be enjoyed on a daily basis and only four ounces of this product will provide more or less the same amount of antioxidant potential as thirteen servings of fruit and vegetables. However, many people are asking how long MonaVie is good for and if it expires after a certain length of time.

The facts are that the acai berry ingredient of this not so cheap health supplement has to be used whilst at its peak in order for you to enjoy the associated benefits as far as nutrients go. For this reason it is essential that you have every trust in your supplier and are confident that you will be offered only the freshest products available. Being aware of how and why MonaVie expires is advantageous when using and storing this supplement too.

The best news of all is that although the juice is stamped with an expiry date, if unopened, that date is likely to be around twelve months in the future. The best way to store MonaVie is in a dark and cool environment and this may add a little more shelf life to the product. Conversely, if left in a well lit or warm area, the shelf life may be shortened quite considerably.

The product should be kept in a refridgerator once opened allowing it to be used for the next month or so. Take note of the expiry or best used by date which you will find printed on the bottom of each bottle you buy. Of course, this does not mean the product will be no good after this date; it’s simply a guideline as to the period of time the juice will be at its best as far as benefits, taste and safe use is concerned.

To get the most out of your MonaVie purchase and reap the benefits of every drop of this remarkable juice, you will need to take heed of some simple safety measures. When you open a bottle of juice, put a label on the container stating the date you opened it and this will help you to keep on track. If there is still some juice in the container a month after you have opened it, take a smell and a small taste of the liquid and if all appears to be normal, the juice can be consumed. If in doubt about the freshness of the product, all you have to do is dispose of it and open a new bottle of MonaVie.

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