Five Hundred Calorie Diet! Find The Facts Here!

by Steve Maartyne on June 2, 2010 · diet

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Since any low calorie diet is famous, the five hundred calorie diet which is the lowest of the scale is reasonably popular too. A diet where you do not take more than 1200 calories is sometimes known as a low calorie diet. Losing pounds speedily is the basic idea behind such diets. However one needs to use caution when taking this diet and it’s advisable to seek help from a dietician or diet consultant when beginning these diets. This work is aimed to help decide if this diet is good for you.

Everyone knows that in order to lose pounds more calories should be burnt than what is taken in. Low cal diets may be more damaging. The rate of metabolism gets affected when your body needs for food or energy. This could end up in your body eating away your muscle for the necessary calories.

Without any reserve of food to take power from, the body converts the muscle into the energy it needs. While one can lose fat by gaining muscle, it could also be quite dangerous for your body.

The five hundred calorie diet could be beneficial for folk based mostly on :

Type of body Their height Level of activity Their sex Their health in general

Except for others, following a 5 hundred calorie diet would be equivalent to starving. When your body is used to taking more than two thousand to 5000 calories a day, a unexpected drop in the quantity of calories taken by you could result in moving your body into a mode of starvation. To save energy, the rate of metabolism goes down.

When you start on a low calorie diet your body gets used to function with low calories. So when you get back to normal diet it starts gaining pounds which at times is more than what you were before dieting. Using a bmr / amr calculator is the most effective way to discover the quantity of calories you need to intake every day.

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