Barbeque Tips For Grilled Vegetables

by Christine Szalay-Kudra on April 27, 2010 · Uncategorized

Grilling is not all hamburgers, steak, and hot dogs. You can also use your grill to produce fantastic vegetables this summer. You will be amazed by how delicious these simple dishes can be – they are something that everyone can enjoy, even people who are not usually into vegetables. There are lots of reasons to try these great grilled veggies. They taste good, are healthy, and will even help you stick to your diet without avoiding the grill.

Why Vegetables Grill So Well

Vegetables make a great choice for grilling because the extreme, dry heat of the grill causes natural sugars to caramelize, creating a taste that is rich, sweet, and hard to match with any other method of cooking. Grilling brings out flavors in almost all types of veggies – onions are milder and sweeter, and their crisp texture softens. Corn becomes tender, with a sweet, smoky taste, and peppers develop a flavor that cannot quite be described.

Vegetables Are Fast And Easy On The Grill

It is simple to put together a fast meal if you are going to be putting your vegetables on the grill. After all, they cook in only a few minutes – faster than the majority of meats, making them a great first course for people who are doing a traditional barbecue. They are also excellent on their own. Vegetarian grilling works well and produces a lighter meal that is still tasty and satisfying.

Tips For Grilling Veggies

If you are interested in getting the most out of your grilled vegetables, you will need to start with ones that are in the best condition possible. Look for foods from sources you are confident about, and make sure the vegetables you choose are extremely fresh. Remember that produce goes through changes as it ages, and can be overly sweet or starchy, dry, tough, bitter, or otherwise problematic, in addition to the possibility of spoilage. In order to get the best taste, you will need to use produce that is in the best condition possible.

Color can make a big difference in how appealing your grilled veggies are, as well. There’s a rainbow of color out there, including purple, white and orange sweet potatoes, red, yellow, green, orange, white and purple peppers, blue, yellow and red potatoes and sweet corn in gold and white. Choose heirloom tomatoes in all kinds of colors and stripes as well.

Do not forget the greens, either. Broccoli grills beautifully, as do bok choy and other Asian cabbage relatives. Mushrooms are also an excellent choice on the grill. Nearly every vegetable does well on the grill, though some require special handling. Seasoning is simple – a little salt, pepper and strongly flavored oil, or a light vinaigrette, is all you need to make your veggies taste their best. These and other barbecue tips will help you have a great meal.

Temperatures will very when you are grilling vegetables. Some, such as potatoes and other roots, require low heat for longer periods of time. Others like corn and tomatoes, should be cooked on high heat and turned frequently, then removed before they have a chance to get mushy.

Your favorite vegetable lasagna recipe may be delicious, but wait until you try vegetables on your grill! If you have never prepared them this way, you are in for a real treat. You can find amazing recipes and excellent grilling tips at our site that will ensure your culinary success.

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