6 Week Body Makeover – A Sample Meal Plan for Body Type C

by Rico Kidd on June 25, 2009 · weight loss

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If you are reading this, you have undoubtedly taken the 6 Week Body Makeover Blue Print and have confirmed that you are a Body Type C. Good, if you do not have your kit yet, this article will describe a sample meal on this plan so that you can get started with your body makeover.

C people are allowed to eat more carbohydrates like white rice and pastas because their bodies have an easier time burning calories than other body types due to their lean muscle mass. However, people with body type c should moderate their red meat consumption as they will gain weight and bulk up.

All of the sample meals were planned using the Infinite Meal Planner (IMP). All of these meals and many more can be planned out using the IMP. The food listed below is a typical meal plan, which includes breakfast, morning snack, lunch, dinner and a night snack.

Breakfast – 4 egg whites with a hash brown patty and a cup of blue berries. Mid-morning snack is 4 oz. of slicked turkey breast and cup of kiwi. Lunch is grilled blackened chicken, a cup of baked French fries and 1 cup of steamed carrots.

Mid afternoon snack will consist of 3 oz. of ground turkey breast patties and cup of mashed rutabagas. Dinner will be 3 oz. of ground beef patties and 1 cup of stir fried rice noodle. The PM snack is strictly option and you don’t have to eat it if you don’t want to. You can have cup of papaya for your night snack.

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Roger Crow July 7, 2009 at 2:43 am

Actually, this is not a good representation of the typical menu for body type “C” at all. I am body type “C” and have been doing the 6wbmo for over 5 months now and have lost over 55 pounds to date with about 10 lbs left to go. For starters, you won’t be eating bagels of any type for breakfast on this program. The mid-morning snack would either be 4 ounce of lean chicken or turkey and 1/2 cup of carbs like yam, potato, or rice. The sample menu given above is way off base and should not taken as an indication of the types and quantities of foods you will be eating on this plan.

Dawn Faniel-Hall June 6, 2011 at 9:57 am

I was advised against egg whites do to my high blood pressure
any other suggestions for breakfast food items besides chicken
or fish?


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