1300 Calorie Food Menu And Meal Plan

by Steve Maartyne on April 26, 2010 · diet

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Sample Meal 1 :

Breakfast :

You may have a cup of cereal, a cup of skimmed meal and one small banana for your breakfast.

Morning snack :

For a morning break, you can enjoy a cup of skimmed milk blended with cup of frozen strawberries.

Lunch :

First constituents for lunch will be sandwich and fresh fruits. You may have 2 slice of wheat bread, 3 ounces of lean meat with a thin spread of mustard, a piece of fat free mozzarella cheese and one plum.

Afternoon break :

For an afternoon snack, you can enjoy any delicacy of your choosing but make sure that the calorie count is around a hundred calories. Cottage cheese will be an excellent option for a mid afternoon snack.

Dinner :

The total calorie count for your dinner should come around 510 calories. A perfect dinner would be a cup of beans of your choosing, 2 tiny tortilla shells, a cup of lettuce ( shredded ), 2 slices of mozzarella cheese, one portion of sour cream and some rice.

You can have a cup of strawberries for a before-bed snack.

Sample Meal 2 :

Breakfast :

For breakfast, you can have 12 oz. of coffee without caffeine, bangel-plain, 2 large spoons of peanut butter, and one big spoon of cream.

Mid Morning break :

A medium sized apple with peel can be consumed as a mid morning break.

Lunch :

3 oz of chicken breakfast, twelve oz. of a libation of your preference ( without caffeine ), quarter a cup of croutons plain, one big of garden salad lacking in tomatoes and onions, and 4 tablespoons of thousand island reduced calorie Kraft.

Evening snack :

Another mediums sized apple will do or you can choose any break of your choosing that falls in the 100 calorie count.

Dinner :

Dinner comprises about 410 calories of the whole 1300 calories. You may have three oz of chicken breast or white meat, a cup of cooked pasta and corn, one tiny garden salad without tomatoes or onions and two large spoons of thousand island reduced calorie Kraft.

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